iiNet will today turn on its NBN services in South Perth and Victoria Park – the first established Perth suburbs to access the amazing speeds of fibre.

iiNet Chief Customer Officer Maryna Fewster said as a proud West Australian company, iiNet was excited that the NBN had finally arrived in Perth.

“From our early days as WA’s first Internet Service Provider, iiNet has focused on delivering the best, most reliable and cost effective access to the web,” she said.

“At iiNet, we know the NBN isn’t just about speed: It’s about preparing Australia’s people, business and the whole industry for the future by delivering consistent high-performance broadband Internet access for everybody.”

Several fortunate residents have already started to benefit from using the NBN at home. iiNet customer, and father-of-one, Shane McDermott was among the first residents in Perth to connect to the NBN.

As well as enjoying faster download speeds for the fun stuff like music, the 29-year-old finance manager has also found the speedy connection has completely transformed the way he works from home in Victoria Park, which makes spending time with his one-year-old son Rory so much easier.

“I could work from home before, but it used to take ages to do simple things like get documents off the work server, so I pretty much had to just work off my desktop. Now I can work off the company server with no problems, and it’s all just so much easier.”

This is the first major roll-out of NBN fibre in suburban Perth but, Ms Fewster said iiNet had been working alongside NBN Co for the last three years delivering high-speed fibre, fixed wireless and satellite services to our customers.

“We’ve hit our stride when it comes to connecting people to the NBN quickly and smoothly. Our record is 30 hours from phone call to connection – and we’re always striving to smash our personal best,” she said.

iiNet now has 15,000 customers on the NBN across Australia.

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