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The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has welcomed the WA Government’s strong investment in transport infrastructure outlined in today’s 2013-14 budget announcement.

ARA CEO Bryan Nye commended the Barnett government’s $5.7 billion allocated for transport infrastructure, with $3.9 billion of that allocation going to rail.

“The rail industry has long been calling for greater investment in passenger rail within our states,” said Mr Nye.

“The near $4 billion investment for the 22km MAX Light Rail and the Airport Rail Link will open up Perth’s congested roads and provide people with a greater opportunity to get to where they need to be in a more sustainable, cost effective, reliable and safer way.

“The Western Australian government has today demonstrated a strategic and long term approach to the planning and development of its increasingly congested capital city, by implementing these urban rail projects that are guaranteed to improve the public transport system and transform the city for the better,” continued Mr Nye.

“The MAX Light Rail project alone will ease traffic congestion, decrease pollution and noise levels and provide greater mobility for people across the 22km network.

“Light rail is experiencing a resurgence globally as cities recognise the wide-spread benefits light rail can bring to a region.

“This light rail project will dynamically change the Perth CBD landscape, making it a better place to live, a more convenient place to visit and a more exciting place to work.

“The ARA looks forward to working with the WA government as it continues to improve its rail infrastructure and, I for one, cannot wait to travel on the MAX once it’s constructed in 2019,” Mr Nye concluded.

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