Coles offers new commitment to Victorian fruit growers, increasing volume for local fruit growers and SPC Ardmona in a challenging market.

  • Coles offers new contract to SPC Ardmona (SPCA), set to commence from the November harvest
  • New offer would bring the total volume of fruit sourced by Coles, from the Goulburn Valley, to over 4 million kilograms annually
  • 100% of Coles private label canned peaches, pears and apricots will be Aussie grown and made by SPCA, from early 2014
  • SPC and Coles have been working together for over 70 years

Coles has offered a new contract with SPC Ardmona that will deliver the fruit growers of the Goulburn Valley in Victoria increased volume, and an ongoing local sourcing commitment.

The new agreement with SPC Ardmona secures 100% Australian sourcing of Coles private label canned peaches, pears and apricots from early 2014. This contract is set to source more than 600,000 kilograms of additional fruit each year from the Goulburn Valley that was previously sourced internationally.

This will bring the total volume sourced by Coles from the region and SPCA to more than 4 million kilograms of fruit annually – that is the equivalent of over 300 truckloads.

John Durkan, Coles Chief Operating Officer said, “SPC Ardmona and the fruit growers of the Goulburn Valley have been supplying Coles with great quality products for over 70 years and, we have being working hard to find innovative ways to build the relationship.”

“This new offer, including the sourcing of 100% Australian grown Coles brand canned peaches, pears and apricots from SPC Ardmona, as well as our investment in national marketing campaigns, is a demonstration of Coles’ commitment to local sourcing and the growers of the Goulburn Valley,” said John Durkan.

SCP Ardmona Managing Director Peter Kelly said, “We’ve been partnering with Coles for many years and welcome their commitment to bring Australian packaged fruit products to their customers over imported produce. This is a fantastic result for our passionate fruit growers and the Goulburn Valley community.”

Coles also remains a strong supporter of SPC, stocking more than 170 lines of SPC product, through both Coles private label and SPCA branded ranges. In fact, over 80% of the preserved fruit on the shelf at Coles is sourced from SPC and the Goulburn Valley region.

Coles has an ‘Australia First Sourcing’ policy and is committed to sourcing from local growers and suppliers wherever possible. Coles only source internationally when demand cannot be met by local suppliers.

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