Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith today announced that the waste and recycling sector in regional Victoria is set to receive a $6.4 million boost.

Minister Smith said the Napthine Government’s $6.4 million investment will strengthen waste and resource recovery in the Loddon Mallee, Central Grampians, Barwon South, Goulburn Valley, North East and Gippsland regions.

“This additional funding will help the six newly created regional waste and resource recovery groups carry out their expanded responsibilities from 1 August,” Mr Smith said.

“The funding will enable these groups to deliver regional waste and resource recovery plans, and assess and facilitate the construction of new infrastructure and services in these areas.

“The formation of the regional waste and resource recovery groups delivers on the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to support a more sophisticated approach to recycling and get the best outcomes for Victorians, while maintaining all existing employees and offices.

“By delivering on this commitment, the Napthine Government has created a more effective and integrated waste management system that strengthens the Environment Protection Authority, Sustainability Victoria and now the regional waste and resource recovery groups.

“It is important to acknowledge that the Coalition Government inherited a waste system near breaking point. The former Labor government contemplated these reforms to our regional waste and resource recovery groups but could not deliver them.

“In contrast, the Coalition Government recognises that waste is a strong contributor to job creation and economic growth in our great state, and in this term has invested over $40 million in the waste and resource recovery industry.

“To support our commitment to the waste industry, this government created a 30 year vision to reduce our waste and get more value from our resources, outlined in our Getting Full Value waste and resource recovery plan,” Mr Smith said.

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