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Jon Linehan has been the MD & CEO for Defence Bank for more than 10 years. His prior career experience includes CEO positions with AustSafe Super and Host Plus, in addition to senior leadership roles with organisations including Australian Unit Funds Management.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on being the 10th largest mutual bank in the country and their focus on serving defence communities. With 40 branches nationally and assets of around $2b, Defence Bank has focused its efforts on delivering customer engagement through technology.

Among the topics addressed, Jon shares his executive insights on:

  • Having a younger customer demographic and serving their needs
  • Mobile and technology use for the benefit of their customers
  • Investing in staff and their high levels of corporate engagement
  • Among the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) compared to their competitors
  • Behaving ethically and being a credit union that is appreciated by their customer base
  • Rebranding to Defence Bank
  • Jon’s extensive role on boards and longstanding role as a CEO
  • His personal philosophy on doing business


Defence Bank CEO Jon Linehan

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