Basetec Services MD Charles Figallo podcast

Basetec Services started as a small construction and engineering firm designing piping for a diverse range of industries.

As a contractor to larger organisations and multinationals, they along with many other small contractors have faced a difficult time in arranging payment, leaving them not just at a financial disadvantage but on the cusp of ruin.

Charles discusses the harm being done to Australian small to medium contractors who don’t have the expertise or resources to deal with the legislative issues when getting underpaid on the work they deliver.

This is compounded by the failures of the courtroom to provide justice – something Charles has dealt with first hand.

In this podcast Charles asks the question of why the law fails to protect small to medium businesses, and why aren’t our nation’s presiding judges being held to higher standards.

His experiences in being pressured off jobs through non-payment have caused financial ruin and even driven small to medium business owners to suicide.

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