SendGold CEO Jodi Stanton podcast

Throughout history the world’s most reliable store of wealth is gold. SendGold makes gold simple to own, useful for payments and gifts, and accessible to all.

Founded by senior executives from Microsoft, McKinsey & Co., J.P. Morgan and Price Waterhouse Coopers with the goal of offering a simple, fast, accessible and fair way to build and exchange wealth using real assets that have stood the test of time.

The SendGold app is an investment, gifting & P2P payment app that lets you Buy, Sell, Send or Pay with gold to anyone, in any amount using just your phone. With 2-minute self-service signup, SendGold makes investing and moving value across town or across the globe as simple as sending a text message.

In this podcast, we speak with founder & CEO Jodi Stanton on their product benefits and where the organisation is headed.

Baldasso Cortese CEO Andy Scott podcast

Andy Scott is the CEO of Baldasso Cortese, an architectural, interior design and master-planning practice with over 30 years’ experience across Australia and New Zealand.

The firm has been recognised for design and customer-service excellence in the fields of care, education, and lifestyle and community, providing a diverse client list with groundbreaking architectural designs.

In this podcast, Mr Scott discusses the firm’s tradition of bucking industry trends to create bespoke architectural designs, the strength and continuing growth of the sectors it works within, and plans to prepare the next generation of leadership for the exciting future ahead in Australian architecture.

National Jockeys Trust CEO Paul Innes podcast

Paul Innes is Chairman of the National Jockeys Trust, a public charitable trust which provides funds and other benefits for the relief of financial difficulties for jockeys who have suffered from career-threatening illness or injury.

Since its establishment in 2004, the trust has helped over three hundred jockeys with equipment and resources to assist them during and after recovery, relieving financial hardship and providing the support, kindness and recognition jockeys and their families deserve.

In this podcast, Mr Innes discusses the formation of the trust in response to a growing need for national jockey support, the dangers prevalent in the horse-riding industry, and the trust’s plans to provide an even greater level of support for ill and injured jockeys in the future.

MBCM Strata Specialists Director and Chairman Anton Silove podcast

Anton Silove is Director and Chairman of Victoria’s MBCM Strata Specialists, a company specialising in professional management of residential, commercial and industrial Owners Corporations.

With over forty-five franchises across the state, MBCM is a Strata Management firm with a global conscience practiced at a local level, offering a high-level of support for its franchisees, as well as the very best systems and training.

In this podcast, Mr Silove talks about the company’s recent rebranding in preparation for taking the franchise across the nation, engagement with the public to increase awareness of issues facing the strata industry, and the community initiatives it’s become involved with to help achieve long-term goals.