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Benefits of being Australian


The ‘Australian Advantage’

Authenticity, quality and value for money are product attributes increasingly being sought by consumers the world over. As a result, brands are seeking out ways to convey these attributes to buyers whether it be on-pack, at point of sale, on contract tenders, or across the myriad of online and social media platforms where their products are available.

For Australian brands, provenance presents as a powerful marketing tool and storytelling device to convey many of these positive product attributes. Simply being ‘Australian’ is considered a positive in most markets, as it often conveys a wide range of impressive qualities—beyond just country of origin—about the business and its products.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that more and more, Australian makers are leveraging this ‘Australian Advantage’ to gain a competitive edge both in Australia and in overseas markets. If being recognised as Australian is important to your business, then the most effective way to convey this is by using the green and gold kangaroo symbol—the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.

For more than 30 years, the Australian Made logo has helped thousands of brands communicate their Australian credentials to consumers, businesses and all levels of government. It does this instantly and clearly, making it a powerful sales and marketing asset for authentic Aussie brands, and a helpful shopping aid for consumers around the globe.

As a registered country-of-origin certification trade mark, the Australian Made logo makes the ‘Australian connection’ instantly and clearly. It’s a solution for shoppers who want to quickly and easily identify authentic Aussie products and be assured that those goods meet certain standards—many brands understand this, and they leverage the logo accordingly.

The demand for authentic Aussie products is growing. In fact, Roy Morgan Research found that 90% of Australian consumers have a preference for buying Aussie. So, it should come as no surprise that the Australian Made logo is used by thousands of businesses on many thousands of genuine Aussie products sold in Australia and around the world. 

Consumers have an understanding that when they buy Australian products, they know what they are getting—products made to the highest of manufacturing standards and grown in our clean, green environment, while at the same time, supporting their local communities and industries.

At the Australian Made Campaign we are seeing a shift in consumer shopping habits with many opting for unique, bespoke products from local brands that offer a point of difference. Sustainability, ethical production and quality are also top of mind for many consumers and will impact their purchasing decisions. These attributes are inherent to many Aussie products and align with the rise of the ‘shopping local’ movement. 

Personal recommendations are also valued highly by consumers today. They want to know who made the product, the story behind it, and how it will suit their specific needs, all while contributing to a local economy and community.

There has never been better access to product and brand information, particularly with the rise of online tools. As a result, consumers are becoming more discerning with their purchasing decisions and researching their options prior to purchase, more than ever.

In October, new consumer research from Roy Morgan found that almost all Australians (99%) were aware of the Australian Made logo and 88% of Australians trust that products carrying the logo are genuinely Australian. The vast majority (84%) associate the logo with supporting local jobs and employment, while 58% associated the logo with products that are of high quality and 57% associated it with ethical labour.  

The smarter Aussie brands are telling consumers their stories about how they employ people locally and support their local community. The Australian Made logo delivers a key element of this story and complements the brand’s own story. 

Overseas, the Australian Made logo has been effective in a number of markets, including China. This can be somewhat attributed to China’s huge appetite for genuine Australian products which to the Chinese are synonymous with quality and value. 

Increased trade, travel and tourism between the two countries have also helped to build Australia’s reputation with Chinese consumers and their familiarity with the Australian Made logo.

Horizon Research found that 70% of people surveyed in Shanghai and Guangzhou provinces in China made an instant connection to Australia when they saw the Australian Made logo. Exporters to this part of the world should seriously consider branding their products with the Australian Made logo.

In 2020, Australian Made Campaign will embark on the Australian Made Export Initiative, which seeks to provide Australian exporters and Australian Made logo users with enhanced country-of-origin branding support in key export markets. Objectives of the project include increasing the profile and awareness of the Australian Made logo among international consumers and businesses, as well as creating channels to overseas markets and promotional opportunities for Australian exporters.

There are certainly opportunities ahead both domestically and internationally for manufacturers of genuine Aussie products.

Ben Lazzaro is the Chief Executive of Australian Made Campaign,


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