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A brand new way to find personal and professional mentors, Australian-based company has an online mentor directory which helps people connect with quality mentors both within Australia and from across the globe.

The founder of is forward-thinking entrepreneur and businesswoman Tori Moses. A creative problem solver, Tori enjoys finding innovative solutions to improve situations and circumstances that generally make life better and more enjoyable for everyone. Tori believes that mentorship is an investment in yourself and your life, giving you the chance to work with mentors to learn from them and create the kind of life you want. She created to allow people to easily find the best mentors in the world all in one place. Tori speaks to us about the founding idea behind, the benefits of working with a mentor, and her own experience with mentorship in seeking personal and professional success.

Online mentor directory

“BestMentors is actually a website,” Tori explains. “I’ve developed an online mentor directory that brings mentors – so experts in any field – together with people who are seeking mentorship in any area.”

The website allows anybody with skills, knowledge or expertise in any industry to list themselves as a mentor in the directory and find clients. The company then markets and the Best Mentors Directory to would-be proteges and mentees who are searching for mentors to work with.

The BestMentors directory puts these mentors in front of an audience of ideal clients, who are willing to pay top dollar to be mentored in the field or niche that they are in pursuit of and are interested in.

“I looked at finding a mentor for myself, and it was actually quite an awkward process, because you don’t know who is available to mentor you. You don’t know who the best in the area or industry you’re looking for is. You hope that you’re going to spend money on somebody who is actually good value, someone who is actually an expert in their field.”

This resulted in an arduous process when searching for an appropriate mentor, prompting Tori to wonder if she could simplify the process by bringing together all the best mentors in the world in one place.

“That’s where the idea came about. I suppose from that point onwards it was really reverse engineering from that solution. I worked backwards and figured out what needed to be done, and I started at that place of website development and it just gained momentum from there.”

For mentors, it can be a rewarding experience to train someone up in a particular area of expertise, helping people achieve their goals, widen their impact as individuals, and transferring skills and knowledge gained throughout a career or personal life.

“It’s always easy to learn from someone who’s gone there before. I thought, success is entirely achievable, and it would be easy if somebody would be there to show me the way. I looked at that and I thought, where could I find this person? How do I know they’re good value? How do I know they’ve got the qualifications to teach me and to show me the way?”

Proteges can save a lot of time, money and effort by learning from a mentor. A mentor can encourage you to achieve beyond what you think is possible. They can show you the best and quickest way to achieve your goals, supporting you at every step along the way.

“I think mentoring is so important, because success takes a lot of time, takes a lot of effort, and if you’re working things out by trial and error, you can spend years doing things that could even take weeks or months otherwise.”

In a world where people are keen to preserve time and money by doing things efficiently and effectively, the perfect solution is being to pay people to help with that process. This is the main idea behind

Best Mentors covers a wider range of areas than just career building or advancement in professional or business goals. It also serves as a source for finding mentors who can work with people on personal goals. 

There will be mentors on the directory who specifically mentor people in building relationships, dating, interpersonal skills – such as negotiation, rapport building, and conflict resolution – finding a spouse, and many other areas of personal progression. 

Tori Moses - Best Mentors - In the Australian Business Executive
Tori believes that mentorship is an investment in yourself and your life, giving you the chance to work with mentors to learn from them and create the kind of life you want

Working with a mentor

At almost forty years old, Tori has never particularly felt that she has had guidance in her professional life. Her parents taught her what they could, but her own story of finding mentorship reflects just how important it is to find specific guidance.

“Neither of [my parents] were very academic, neither of them were very career-oriented. There were things they couldn’t teach me. I got to my thirties, and I had done a teaching degree, and I had worked as a teacher and in other areas to find out what best suited me.”

The journey through your twenties can be difficult in terms of working out what a professional future will look like, both in studying in institutions and then moving into the workforce once you have graduated.

“You basically have to work it out yourself. So I spent probably a decade trying to work out what to do and where to go. I ended up wondering – what am I going to do? Around that same time I started seeking out and listening to mentors, to actually show me the way to achieve success in the areas that I personally was interested in.”

Tori had always been interested in learning and self-development, but quickly realised that being successful didn’t need to be such a hard slog or a succession of painful and costly mistakes that wasted time and money.

She soon began working with her first mentor, internet entrepreneur Tai Lopez, who’s ‘Tai’s 67 Steps Program’ she undertook as her first paid mentoring experience. Around the same time she began listening to Lakewood Church online with pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, who offer messages of hope and encouragement in faith.

“Little by little, I became aware of other mentors,” Tori goes on to explain, “and I started working with other mentors, and I started to gain traction and success in the areas I was seeking after.”

The reality of mentorship is that it spans so many different industries and areas, with skills learned usually being transferrable across many disciplines. Tori’s vision for is for people to come to the directory to find a mentor in any area.

“Mentors even have mentors. [Tai Lopez] outlined that he worked with Joel Salatin. Joel was an expert farmer, and Tai worked with him in regards to doing things on the farm. He moved from farming into entrepreneurial stuff, but there were elements of that mentorship that he was able to generically apply into other areas of success that he moved into.”

Tori hopes to achieve a level of quality assurance on the website, believing it is important to be able to substantiate the claims made about the quality of mentors available. This means there will be an application process for all prospective mentors.

“The mentoring side of things, as in the practical skills of engaging with people as mentors, we would actually teach, to ensure that every mentor is on par with the way that we are going to deliver mentorship.” is looking for experts in any area or field of expertise in order to train them up to be high quality mentors and list on its Online Mentor Directory as Best Mentors, for people who come to the website looking for mentorship in any area.

“We want to check out the people who apply to become mentors on Prior to listing we would do a background check, check on their credentials, their reputation, read testimonials about them, perhaps even ask for referees. It’s very important to ensure that they meet the standards we are hoping to deliver.”

The focus will be on assuring a standard of quality of mentors, ensuring that they are decent and qualified experts, and safe for people to work with, especially for one-to-one mentoring. The idea is to bring the very best mentors to people seeking mentorship.

It is an exciting time for this new business, and it is currently running a founding mentors promotion, where people who are interested in becoming mentors can join for an introductory price. Find out more by visiting


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