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Capsifi on doing business in the digital economy

Capsifi digital cloud solutions

Across the globe, digital initiatives are enabling new forms of doing business at lightning speed, anytime and anywhere.

Digital business offers profound new opportunities for personalised, contextual customer interactions. This sort of transformation is not just a technology shift; it requires entirely new thinking about how you do business.

• 90% of large enterprises have digital business initiatives underway
• CEOs expect digital to contribute approximately 40% of their revenue by 2019
• 44% of CEO’s believe their current business models will be completely disrupted within the next 2 years
• 73% of business and IT executives surveyed said the biggest challenge to their digital transformation efforts is execution

It’s well acknowledged that executing a digital transformation can be complex, expensive, involve a significant exposure to risk and can often fail. A key reason for failure is that the blueprints for how the business runs, are generally fragmented, imprecise and ambiguous. Where it exists, business documentation from previous projects is mostly inconsistent, out-of- date and rarely reusable.


Where does your business model live today?

Most businesses do not have a tangible business model that explains how they operate. The only detailed explanation for how everything works, is typically buried inaccessibly in aging enterprise systems. All technology platforms inevitably succumb to the tyranny of legacy, becoming inhibitors rather than enablers of business agility.

Capsifi business models – precisely explain the semantics of what you do from strategy through to execution

Capsifi provides an intelligent, cloud-based platform that generates semantic models explaining precisely what a business does from your business strategies all the way through to execution. This integrated knowledge-base aligns information, people, processes and business logic to provide a single, consistent, expression of the business operation. Like the language we speak, a Capsifi model establishes the vocabulary and grammar of the business; defining business concepts and articulating business capabilities. The result is a dynamic and integrated view of your enterprise that not only accurately explains the “as- is” situation of today but also where you are planning “to-be”.

Capsifi has been described as “CAD/CAM for business”. Just as an engineer would develop detailed digital models that precisely explain the designs for a building before it is constructed, Capsifi helps business architects design precise models of a business before it is automated.

Capsifi business models a core strategic asset that insulates you from ongoing technology disruption

A Capsifi business model is a core strategic asset that encapsulates the business model and protects that knowledge to support ongoing adaptation to change.

Technology is not an enduring asset; your true strategic asset is the business model. An intelligent business model allows you to rapidly assimilate and embrace innovation, insulating your business from disruption and minimizing the impact of ongoing technology advances.

This allows you to focus on your core business; the things that you do, not the technologies you need to do them.

With the pace of technology innovation, it’s not about transforming the business, but building the capacity to continuously transform. The value of a Capsifi intelligent business model endures way beyond the life of a single program into a dynamically evolving explanation of how the business operates.

Capsifi future-proofs your business with an enduring, incrementally evolving knowledge-base that helps you adapt and keep pace with the constant pace of technology innovation.

Capsifi business models – accelerate business transformation

Capsifi completely inverts existing paradigms for developing technology solutions – placing business first.

As an integrated explanation of the future state operating model in a dynamic consolidated platform, a Capsifi business model is the single source-of- truth guiding and de-risking the transformation journey with integrated knowledge that is entered in one place, once, consistently explaining all aspects of the program.

Returns on investment accrue exponentially with each subsequent piece of knowledge captured. Each new project reuses and builds incrementally on previous projects without ambiguity. All changes to the model are dynamic and instantly ripple throughout the platform.

Capsifi business models helps customers to:

• Dynamically explain how everything works – never analyze the same thing twice!
• Reduce waste, eliminate duplication, maximize reuse of business knowledge
• Gain insights into business bottlenecks and inefficiencies
• Eliminate layers of development effort.
• Rapidly transition legacy business transactions onto digital platforms
• Dramatically reduce the cost of technology deployments

With Capsifi everything is consistent, everything is connected, everything is aligned.

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