Norco Co-operative CEO Brett Kelly Podcast


Brett Kelly has been CEO of Norco Co-operative and its subsidiary Norco Foods since 2008. With over 25 years of business management experience across pharmaceuticals, international brand retailing, FMCG and wholesale – Brett brings a skill set of strategic business development to the role.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on how he’s using his CEO experience to develop a strong senior management team that works collaboratively to achieve the outcomes set by the Board.

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Topics in this podcast include:

  • Unique points of difference and competitive edge of the Norco brand with its 120 year history
  • Transforming the company from a $300m to $600m business
  • Setting the business strategy for production growth across wholesaling & retailing
  • Buyback of the company’s licencing rights
  • New opportunities through cafes, supermarkets and international exports
  • Brett’s own executive lessons learned and his business philosophy

Mayor Dennis Wellington & the City of Albany Podcast


Mayor Dennis Wellington is born and bred in Albany, Western Australia. Before becoming Mayor he ran his own business for more than 20 years and in 2001 was elected onto the city council, before his election as Mayor in 2011.

As a city, Albany boasts a population of more than 37,000 inhabitants and is in the process of implementing a number of government grants to help achieve a range of economic development initiatives. This will see the city grow to an expected population of 50,000 by 2025.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on the unique position the city is in having avoided the boom & bust of the mining cycle, the Royalties for Regions program and their economic development plan including:

  • Areas of investment
  • Implementation of better roads for the region
  • Investment in sporting fields
  • The growth in the recognition of Albany
  • National ANZAC Centre in Albany and its heritage as their last point of departure
  • Clean and green energy with 78% of their energy from wind farms
  • Being home to 26% of the state’s premium wines

Defence Bank CEO Jon Linehan Podcast

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This podcast is brought to you buy Data Action and CGU Insurance.

Jon Linehan has been the MD & CEO for Defence Bank for more than 10 years. His prior career experience includes CEO positions with AustSafe Super and Host Plus, in addition to senior leadership roles with organisations including Australian Unit Funds Management.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on being the 10th largest mutual bank in the country and their focus on serving defence communities. With 40 branches nationally and assets of around $2b, Defence Bank has focused its efforts on delivering customer engagement through technology.

Among the topics addressed, Jon shares his executive insights on:

  • Having a younger customer demographic and serving their needs
  • Mobile and technology use for the benefit of their customers
  • Investing in staff and their high levels of corporate engagement
  • Among the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) compared to their competitors
  • Behaving ethically and being a credit union that is appreciated by their customer base
  • Rebranding to Defence Bank
  • Jon’s extensive role on boards and longstanding role as a CEO
  • His personal philosophy on doing business


Defence Bank CEO Jon Linehan

Emma & Tom’s Co-Founder Tom Griffith Podcast


Tom Griffith is one half of the partnership that makes up Emma & Tom’s – known for their range of fantastic tasting, all natural, minimally-processed whole fruit juices and snack bars.

Before launching the Emma & Tom’s brand in 2004, Tom had a successful career as a CFO and corporate advisor with experience in domestic and international markets.

Since Emma & Tom’s start the brand has grown to sell through more than 3,500 cafes and delis, as well as Australia’s major grocery retailers.

In this podcast Tom discusses the lessons he faced in transitioning from a successful executive career to startup small business owner. He addresses his personal experiences including the lack of support structure, day-to-day operational issues, and how the brand has grown through its sales channels, product positioning, and cross-promotion.

RMS Hospitality Founder & MD Peter Buttigieg Podcast


Peter Buttigieg has been involved in the technology sector for more than 30 years. As the founder and MD of RMS Hospitality, he has seen the drastic changes in the ICT and SAAS environment dating back to the 1980’s.


While RMS software was originally designed for insurance brokers, it expanded into caravan parks before entering the hospitality sector where its best known today.

RMS’ software sits behind the face of many of the world’s leading hospitality and travel websites and this success has allowed the organsation to expand their presence into the UAE, India and the USA.

In this podcast Peter discusses the changing face of the software and ICT sector including RMS’ own major transition to move their software from a localised windows environment, to a cloud based solution.

In addition to founding RMS, Peter is also Executive Chairman and Acting CEO for Aphrodite Gold, an emerging gold project he was an early investor in.

Keith Whelan – The Grants Guy

The ABE's The Grants Guy Podcast

In this episode of The Australian Business Executive podcast we speak with Keith Whelan, founder of The Grants Guy.

Keith’s business creates funding strategies enabling organisations to approach grants and tenders in a proactive manner. He has worked in the Grants & Philanthropy sector in Ireland and Australia, across both the public and private sector.

In this podcast Keith discusses the differences in grant funding between Australia and other countries, the types of grants available, how they can help your business, the application process and what to include, common issues in tendering, collaborating with other companies and how to move forward if your tender isn’t initially successful.

To find out more about Keith Whelan and how he can assist with your grant tendering process, visit:

About Keith Whelan

Specialising in grants, tenders and funding consultancy, Keith Whelan provides high level assistance to Local, State and Federal Government, Not for Profit organisations and Private Enterprises, in planning for and accessing extra income streams.

Keith develops Grants Project Management Plans, Grants Calendars and Funding Strategies, enabling organisations to approach grants and tenders in a proactive manner. His Plans and Strategies provide a structured and strategic approach to obtaining extra funding for the progression and completion of projects.

Keith has worked in the Grants & Philanthropy sector in Ireland and Australia, across both the public and private sector. He presently works with a number of companies across Australia in developing their respective Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies.

He has consulted with a number of Universities such as ANU Canberra, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, UTS, University of Newcastle and Macquarie University. He presently facilitates courses for Research Staff at these Universities in how to attract funding through Grants, Crowd Funding, PAF’s, Trusts and Bequests.
He has also worked with the likes of NSW Health and ADCO advising on their respective Tendering Processes for Commercial Contracts.

Trility Group MD Francois Gouws Podcast

Trility Group MD Francois Gouws Podcast

TRILITY is Australia’s leading private water utility with water, waste water and desalination operaTrility Group - leading the way in water utility solutionstions spanning across Australia and New Zealand.

A subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation, Francois was appointed MD of Trility in 2010 and is a member of the TRILITY Group Board and several of its subsidiaries.

With over 20 years in the water industry, Francois has held senior positions delivering projects throughout Australia, Africa and the United States.

He is a Board member of the Australian Water Association, Chair of the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Water Taskforce, Director of WaterAid, and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

In this edition’s podcast he speaks with our host Stuart Anderson on treating water for a number of uses, doing business in different areas of the world, employee excellence in the water industry, and his personal philosophy on business and ethics.

Trility Group - water is our business