The CEO Journey: Is it time to capture your legacy?

As a successful CEO, you can look back at your career journey and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you “made it” – and now what probably matters to you most is staying active, healthy and spending precious time with your closest family and friends.

Throughout your career, you took the path of what I call a “hero’s journey” – reaching the pinnacle position of your career.

You faced down challenges along the way, that at times, seemed insurmountable — with the glimpse of defeat within your sights.

But you didn’t give up.

Through your relentless perseverance, you overcame those challenges, even with criticism from those around you… defeat turned into success, your confidence grew, and so did the development of your
hard-earned wisdom that you continue to carry within you today.

Your story of how you overcame those difficult challenges, through your personal mindset and strategies – is your core innate wisdom and your legacy – that needs to be captured for future generations to come.

Your life partner, your kids, your grandkids, your closest colleagues, many of them have been observers of you throughout your career…. but do they really know and understand, at a deep level, your trials and tribulations, the tough decisions you had to make, the sacrifices you made on their behalf and the inner strength you drew on to reach your coveted and admired position as a successful CEO?

That is a question that you must consider and address, to make sure your story is captured, memorialised and appreciated, so ultimately, your legacy lives beyond you.

What is the true value of capturing your legacy and your story, your defining moments, your struggles and ultimate successes – to pass on to your closest family and inner circle in a tangible and timeless way?


What is the point of reaching the top of the ladder of success, becoming financially affluent and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but never capturing your legacy in a way that those closest to you, can respect and learn from your own “hero’s journey”.

To those who care about you, you are a hero…but without your legacy captured and presented to them in a timeless and crafted masterpiece, they will never truly appreciate your journey and defining moments that you endured and experienced throughout the life of your career.

At first your own legacy story may not feel worthy of being captured and shared because after all, you may say to yourself; “Who would really care about my story? It seems ordinary to me…”.

You may discover though, that your career journey and story are priceless to those who care about you the most: your life partner, your kids, your grandkids, your closest colleagues and those in your inner circle.

Your CEO journey of how you overcame your career challenges throughout the years is your core innate wisdom and your legacy that you carry quietly within you.

It’s important to recognise the immense value of crafting your legacy story for those who care about you, so they truly appreciate the sacrifices you made along the way.

The CEO Journey™ framework, as you see on this page, was created from my many years of experience working directly with and mentoring CEO’s from all over the world as they reached their coveted positions.

There are certain innate phases that most CEO’s experience in their careers, that can be identified as milestones, before entering the next phase of their career – on their way to the top.

The reason why only a select few make it to the top of their organisations, is because the majority of aspiring CEOs do not have the same level of resilience, courage and self-reflection that you have – often, preventing them from achieving their ultimate goal.

This framework will re-awaken your appreciation of your own journey, and help you to begin to realise your story and legacy has immense value, not only to you, but to those who appreciate you the most.

You deserve a warm-hearted congratulations for making it through The CEO Journey™. Once you recognise and understand the phases of the journey and how they may relate to your personal career story, then you will know you have finally come full circle, ready to fully appreciate and value capturing your own legacy, for yourself and those in your inner circle.

Ari Galper is the Founder & CEO of CEO Legacy Books, the world’s most sought after craftsman of CEO journey stories, expertly designed into a highly personal and bespoke luxury coffee table book, giving your inner circle of family, friends, colleagues and peers a full an in-depth appreciation of your story. To learn more, visit


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