P. Built Constructions: Enhancing lifestyles through intuitive building processes


Working in collaboration with homeowners and leading architects, P. Built Constructions have been providing a complete and seamless building process to create intuitive homes that promote a flourishing daily environment since 2013.

Patrick Williamson is the director of P. Built Constructions. Beginning his construction career as a carpenter and running a successful carpentry business, he soon found his clients requesting he take on larger and more ambitious projects, leading him to start P. Built Constructions in 2013. Mr Williamson’s passion for building design, combined with his ethos of forming open communications with his clients allows P. Built constructions to provide custom built homes combining a sense of beauty with exceptional function, promoting quality environments that redefine your home life. Speaking with The Australian Business Executive, Mr Williamson explains why he founded P. Built Constructions and how the company maintains their exceptional service to their clients.

A solid foundation

After running a successful carpentry business for many years, Mr Williamson’s ambitions, along with continuous client requests, soon led to him evolving his business to cater for larger, more elaborate, and increasingly design-focused projects.

“P. Built was founded in 2013,” Mr Williamson says, “After many years being a carpenter and having a carpentry business, we built that up to our projects now which generally range anywhere from about $500,000 all the way up to $2,000,000 in project costs.”

Initially working on local projects, P. Built Constructions began to expand not only their services, but their area of operations.

“Our projects are mainly additions and alterations that commonly feature high-end architectural design,” says Mr Williamson, adding that “Our area of operation spans from the northern suburbs of Sydney up through the central coast where we’re based, up to Newcastle.”

“Our projects are mainly additions and alterations that commonly feature high-end architectural design”

Inspired by human culture

Mr Williamson’s decision to expand his carpentry business into a larger building firm largely came from his positive client feedback, along with a desire to increase his focus on custom-designed projects.

“As a carpenter I had an increase in demand from the market, good feedback from my clients [who were] constantly asking for me to take on larger projects. It gave me an indication that founding a larger building company was a viable business option.”

After acquiring a wealth of experience in the building trade and forming lasting relationships with clients and other highly experienced tradesmen, Mr Williamson eventually took the leap to offer his own highly human-centric building service.

“I was also fortunate to have some good mentors in learning the building trade, where accuracy and pride in the work was always a priority. I had a wide range of experience on some high quality projects, and with that experience I knew I wanted to focus on the higher-end work,” Says Mr Williamson, “There are challenges that come along with that, but it also presents an opportunity for growth and improvement, so that’s what spurred me to start P. Built.

When it comes to positioning his organisation in the marketplace, Mr Williamson says, “It generally comes from the design. From a start point, the design is usually set there,” continuing that “We’re aligning ourselves with those architects that feature that [high-end design] in their work. I feel it suits us, because we have the attention to detail that that high-end quality design requires. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it.”

After acquiring a wealth of experience Mr Williamson eventually took the leap to offer his own highly human-centric building service

Built on standards

The high-quality mentorship Mr Williamson received has had a positive effect in helping the company offer a quality, highly customised, and design-centric service compared to other building firms in the same space. The advice he received from his mentors is now permanently ingrained into P. Built Construction’s company ethos.

“It’s almost a mindset – having that pride in your work, knowing that you can’t take the shortcuts if you want to achieve something great,”

Even during the conception phase of a project, the focus is always set on the end result and how it will be achieved without compromising on P. Built Construction’s exceptional quality of service.

“Sometimes that means you might have to put something more into a task than you expected, [if] there’s something unforeseen in the existing building for example that you just have to work around, because you know that down the line, what you need to produce in the end result is a great quality product,” Says Mr Williamson, “We try and keep that mindset front and centre all the time. We think of the end and how we’re going to get there and how we’re going to produce that product.”

Recognised for exceptional quality

Despite the multitude of challenges faced when altering an existing property, P. Built Constructions always strive to provide the highest quality service possible. This feat has not gone unrecognised, and has allowed the company to add some notable projects to their ever-expanding portfolio, such as their largest project they undertook in 2018.

“We took on our largest project up in the Newcastle area of Warners Bay. That was about a twelve-month project. It was very high-end on the finish, and it was challenging because in an existing home you always inherit some issues and some problems that you have to work through to produce the end result,” Mr Williamson says, “That was a real landmark project for us. We had a really good relationship with the architect and with the owners, and we put the time in, we put the effort in, we put the detail in.”

P. Built Constructions always strive to provide the highest quality service possible

While maintaining the same level of service can often be challenging for many companies, Mr Williamson often thinks back to why he originally founded P. Built Constructions and the driving forces of the firm’s services to help maintain their quality services.

“It was our attention to detail and our communication – we always had good feedback about communication from clients. That was something we needed to maintain as we do grow and take on a few more projects,”

In order to not only maintain their level of service, but continually improve, Mr Williamson believes communication between everyone involved in any given project is key to the company’s success in providing a boutique feeling while expanding their operations.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve on how we operate so we can keep that service, and expand that service. We’re fortunate we live in an age of technology where we have those tools at our disposal to make us more efficient or make it easier to communicate.”

Redefining home life

Drawing from his vast experience in the building trade and interacting with a number of clients, Mr Williamson has come across two main areas of concern when speaking with new clients. However, as communication is vital to the success of any P. Built Constructions project, he believes that addressing these issues early on results in the quality end result he strives to provide.

“Generally the questions we get early on are “How much is it going to cost?” and “How long is it going to take?”. As a builder they’re often quite difficult to answer those questions until we have all the information. To get all that information takes a lot of time and a lot of teamwork during the planning stages, between the project stakeholders.”

Due to the often lengthy process of most building projects, Mr Williamson offers some advice to anyone seeking the services of a building company to make alterations to their home:

“My advice to anyone is to speak to a few builders early on, try and get some open advice, see if you’re a good fit. You’re likely to share six months to a year-plus of your time together, there has to be a good mesh there, and a good relationship that you can build on for a successful project.”

As a building company that constructs contemporary residences across Sydney’s North Shore, Central Coast and Hunter Region, P. Built Constructions collaborates with homeowners and leading architects to provide a seamless building process from start to finish. Find out more by visiting www.pbuilt.com.au.


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