Glencore’s Mick Buffier At The Sydney Mining Club on September 4

Glencore’s Mick Buffier presents The Global Outlook for Coal with insights into how Glencore tackles sustainability in mining practices.

This month one of the world’s biggest commodity houses comes to town. Even describing Glencore as a ‘Big Miner’ underplays its amazing reach. It explores and originates commodities, produces them, processes and refines them, markets and blends them, and ultimately handles, stores and transports them to customers around the world. And unbeknownst to many miners, with a big footprint in agriculture too. And since the May 2013 merger with Xstrata on an even greater scale.

Mick Buffier is Glencore’s Group Executive Sustainable Development and Industry Relations, Coal Assets and in this special Sydney Mining Club (SMC) address will tackle ‘The global outlook for coal and Glencore’s commitment to sustainable mining practices’. Keeping coal centre stage, or at least reminding its detractors why coal must remain centre stage, is a massive task with a well-funded opposition. Meet the man who is involved in keeping Glencore’s message on track.

Glencore produced 80Mt of (alt. thermal and coking) coal alone across 12 mining complexes in 2013, employing 8,600 people contributing $9billlion to the Australia economy. Its six biggest in its portfolio are household names Bulga, Rolleston, Ravensworth, Mount Owen, Mangoola, Oaky Creek and Ulan. The company is quite a force particularly adding in a powerful portfolio in Australia’s agriculture, zinc, copper and nickel sectors.

With 200,000 people in 50 countries, and 150 mining and metallurgical sites Australia is a flagship nation for Glencore, particularly when it comes to sustainability stewardship. Mick Buffier will also present on Glencore’s strong commitment in this area and field questions on broader issues as time permits. Not to be missed!

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